Newly Married Couple ? How to Step into the New World

Published: 04th June 2009
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A healthy start of a new relationship assures a smooth sail throughout the life. A newly married couples may experience many hurdles but the key is to face and resolve them togather. A little extra effort in the begining of your married life is sure to pay you well forever.

The magic of forming a new relationship after wedding can burst like soap bubble, if you don't have the ability to nurture the bond of love. While first five years of marriage are crucial for a couple, these years can also lay strong foundation for rest of the life. Learn the tips to nourish your relationship and maintain the constant existence of love in your wedded life.

Marriage brings two individuals together and put them in the same boat to sail through the ocean of life. The first few miles of this journey play significant role and are the real tests for both the individuals. A newly married couple can face problems due to a number of factors, which can be resolved with participation from both sides. Keeping in mind the fact that personality of one partner can differ from another, there is nee to walk on the middle road to keep up the integrity of this relationship. Here are few tips for newly married couple to resolve the problems they can identify with.

Marriage at Early Age

It might be due to an affair or circumstances that you showed enthusiasm for getting married at an early age. Immature minds and incomplete understanding of responsibilities can often introduce the gap between two people. In order to tackle this problem, you can follow the route of marriage counselling or go through the marriage related books and videos to accumulate knowledge about the life ahead.

Individuals from Different backgrounds

You might differ from your partner in terms of caste, religion and culture or their might be linguistic and geographical differences. All these factors can create voids due to non-following of each other's rituals and moral values. You need to help your partner to make him or her familiar with your culture and this demand for a lot of time and patience.

Who Has the Authority?

This is one of the most common problems arising in the life of a newly married couple. Often there are conflicts over winning the authority in house. Remember that marriage is not the war ground and co-operation between two individuals is required to keep your relation on the right track.

Clash between the Ambitions

Other set of problems arises, when both the members of the new family are ambitious (read overambitious) and non-fulfilment of ambitions of any of the two individuals can trigger the feuds. The solution is to respect each other's ambitions and celebrate the success of each other, rather than developing an inferiority complex.

Developing the Sexual Bond

Sex is an integral part of married life and you should celebrate this fact with your partner, right from your honeymoon days. However, you need to learn about each other's preferences for getting involved in a sexual encounter. Also, sexual incapability of any one of the two people must be resolved with peace and not by violating your privacy.

Devoting Time towards Marriage

Time is an essential entity, which must be utilized carefully by young married people. Apart from spending time in professional life, you need to reserve time for your partner. Go out on dates and candle light dinners in a frequent manner and shower your love and emotions on each other.

Money Never Comes before Love

Money issues are also responsible for souring the taste of newly discovered relationship of husband and wife. Even if you are not comfortable with unwanted expenditures of your partner, you need to discuss the issue, without losing temper. Plan a monthly budget and don't forget to save for the future.

A newly married couple is responsible for a healthy beginning, which not only affects their lives, but also the moral values of the society. Also, the next step of marriage is parenthood and only a successful couple can prepare themselves for this new phase of life.

If you are on the onset of a new relationship, it would be a great deal if you get to know what your man wants actually. Also if you man is controlling, you need to know how to stop being dominated and make your man emotionally attached to you.

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