How to Choose Between Having Boyfriend and Friends with Benefits

Published: 05th June 2009
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A friend and a boyfriend hold two different stands in ones life. But when it comes to choosing one, there are a number of things to be considered. Be careful and decide wisely - what you need and where are you getting it from.

The existence of live in relationships and friends with benefits relationships has divided the society into advocates and opponents. While having friends with benefits has some favorable aspects, this type of relationship is not free from setbacks. Deciding between boyfriend and friends with benefits should be taken after taking into consideration different factors.

Friends with benefits is the concept, which is fast developing its roots across the world. Two individuals involved in such relation have the prime motive of physical relationship, with no intention of falling in love. More and more people, after tasting disappointment in their love relationship are also encouraged to construct such a comfortable relationship. Still, there are people, who prefer to have a love relationship than friends with benefits relationship. Here are few factors, which can help you set your preferences for the type of relationship you want to have.

What You Want ? Friendship or Love

When you have a serious relationship with opposite gender, it is tilted more towards love aspects of the bond. On the other side benefit friends allow you to have people, who make you feel of having friends in life, with no intentions of love. Thus, in the form of a boyfriend, you win love and with benefit friends, you get friends.

Which Relations Provides More Space

Needless to say, you relation with benefit friends allow you to feel more of the space in your relationship. Being with a boyfriend, you can expect the other person to put infinite queries on regular basis. You can enjoy more selfness and freedom with friends, who are with your for benefit purposes.

Distress and Disappointments

In case you lose a boyfriend, you are sure to walk down the street of distress and disappointment. However, losing a friend with benefits doesn't create a sense of emptiness. As there is no commitment and condition in the latter case, you never have the scope of falling victim to a stressed out separation.

Satisfaction of Emotional Involvement

Emotions have no place in the type of relation you share with the friends with benefits. On the other side, you can expect emotional involvement from both sides in the relationship with a boyfriend. Now, it's purely your decision, whether you want to earn emotional satisfaction or not and thus, choose a relationship according to that.

Sexual Satisfaction in Both Cases

You can have sexual relationship with another person in both the cases. However, sexual closeness with a boyfriend is a symbol of long relationship. Also, your sexual involvement with a boyfriend might be restricted, but this is not the case with the relationship you form for benefits. As there are no lifelong commitments involved, there is certainly no limit of sexual involvement.

Involvement of Other People

In a relationship with a boyfriend, you can expect your partner to be loyal towards you and generally, there is no involvement of third person in your relation. On the other hand, a relationship with a benefit friend puts no barrier on his or her path to get involved with other people as well. It depends upon you, whether your partner's involvement with others influence you or not.

On a more serious note, you might experience a transition from friends with benefits to boyfriend relationship. In such case, you are solely at the mercy of other person, who may or may not be willing to change this face of relationship. So, before you take the decision of having boyfriend or friends with benefits, evaluate all the factors, which can influence your future.

Give your boyfriend what he deserves and learn how to be a good girlfriend. It will always be appreciated if you support your boyfriend when he needs you. This will help you avoid losing your boyfriend and keep him hooked to you forever.

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