Cheek Kissing – Playing The Safe Bet Of Romance

Published: 07th January 2009
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Cheek kissing has always symbolized a number of emotions like love, care, affection, friendship and respect and it has also been considered as a way of greeting in society. As far as a couple is concerned, a kiss on cheek is related to romance and not the sexual desires. Moreover, it can make it easy for two individuals to take a step further in their relationship.

Cheek kissing is different from lip kissing in the way it emotes the pure feeling of love and care. It is the stage, when you have not started developing sexual desires for your partner and are satisfied with his or her closeness to you. A kiss on cheek can convey the message that you care for him or her and feels nice in his or her company. It can also help you to make you feel comfortable, when he or she is in a situation of distress. Though, there is no need to hesitate in practicing cheek kissing, you can still feel the need of learning few tips.

Hugging Makes Things Easier

If you have been hugging your partner, it becomes easy to take the step of cheek kissing and your partner will not feel anything unusual done to him or her. In fact, hugging and kissing on cheek are two actions, which can be performed simultaneously to communicate your impending romantic feelings to your partner.

Start With Hand Kissing

You can hold the hands of your partner and plant a kiss and this will set the mood for kissing on cheek. Be gentle in your approach and let it happen in a natural way. If you have been kissing on his or her hand, you can take the courage to kiss on the cheeks the next time you meet your partner.

Kissing Other Common Areas

In order to distinguish your romantic desires from sexual ones, you can choose to kiss on your partner's cheeks, along with other areas like forehead and eyes. These areas are not meant to display your burning desires and again help you to communicate your feelings of care and affection to your partner. A series of kisses on forehead, eyes and even nose can make your partner develop love for you. And then, you can move on for cheek kissing.

Wait For the Response

A cheek kiss is something, which a person always wants to return to his or her partner, if he or she also carries the same feeling. Though, if you are not getting this response, it doesn't always signify that your partner has no such feelings for you. In such a situation, you can talk to your partner and ask whether he or she is comfortable with your act or not. The chances are that the response would be positive only and if that is the case, you can express that you also like to be kissed on cheeks.

Suitable Time for Cheek Kissing

  • While watching a romantic scene in theatre, when your partner suddenly turns around you with romance in his or her eyes.

  • Wishing goodnight with cheek kissing during initial dates can make your partner happy and comfortable.

  • A cheek kiss while praising his or her attire or good looks will convey that you consider your partner as most graceful person in the world.

  • Finally, if you have confidence in your partner's feelings for you, a surprise cheek kiss can bring glow in his or her eyes.

Cheek kissing is the way to build confidence in you and your partner and confirm that it is something more than friendship. Until and unless you find it suitable to kiss on lips, enjoy the pleasure of cheek kissing with your partner.

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